25 Laundry Hacks & Tips

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If there is one type of article, we love to share it is the ones that help to make our day to day lives a little easier. Anyone who does laundry knows that it is the 'Never Ending Story'. Thank goodness we have automated machines at least. Even so, there are still stains to try to get out, smells to try to get rid of, socks that go astray (that is always a mystery!) and clothes to be folded.

We have a great list of hacks to help make your laundry life a little bit easier. One that we haven't heard of before and sure sounds like a great idea for those delicate items is a salad spinner. If you are washing by hand and you don't want to squeeze the water out, just pop the clothing item into the salad spinner give a few spins and there you go!

How often do you clean your washing machine? You assume it is clean because that is the function it has. In fact, residue builds up in your washing machine as well from detergents and fabric softeners. Every once in awhile, using an empty machine use a combination of 2 cups vinegar 1 cup baking soda and do a long HOT cycle. Remember also to wash the fabric softener receptacle and bleach dispenser and give them a good cleaning. Hard to imagine it but mildew and mold can form in your washing machine if not cleaned once in awhile.

Check the hoses as well. There is nothing more horrible that can cause water damage to your home than water leaks. Old hoses can wear down and become weak. They can even burst. It is recommended by manufacturers to replace hoses every five years! When is the last time you checked your hoses?These are only two of the great tips you are going to find when you visit the Kids Activities Blog website.

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