17 Lazy person cleaning tips that will change your world!

When it comes to cleaning you can never have too many cleaning hacks and house cleaning tips. From kitchen floor cleaning, bathtub cleaning, green cleaning, life hacks and DIY projects. Anything that can get the job done that much easier is always welcome. The following cleaning hacks and household cleaning tips are DIY projects that use all sorts of diy cleaning technology to save you time and money.

1. Dust using a lint roller. Dusting things like shelves, mantles, and lampshades are as easy as using a lint roller to dust and then vacuum.

2. Instead of using microfiber cloths or microfiber pads try using Swifter socks for dusting. , You know the cozy socks that make you feel comfy and warm? These fluffy socks work amazingly at dusting the floor, and all you have to do is walk around the house.

3. Use a bit of furniture polish on furniture and household appliances to make them shiny and like new again. Give your kitchen refrigerator, dresser or coffee table a spray with some furniture polish. Then wipe clean with a microfiber and everything will look shiny new.

4. Line the toaster tray with some aluminum foil before toasting anything.

5. Avoid using cups and bowls. Eat things out of the original containers the food came in.

6. Using the cookie package for milk so you can dip the cookies.

7. Using tape to pick up crumbs.

8. Use liquid shower gel to avoid soap scum buildup in your bathtub. The fats and the oils in the soaps create problems with soap scum. But since body wash shower gel is technically a detergent, it’s specially formulated to prevent buildup from caking up in the shower.

9. Blend some soap and water to clean a blender. Press the button, and your blender is clean again.

10. Use plastic food wrap to make kitchen clean-up easy. When things get gross, just rip out the food wrap liners and add new ones.

11. Clean your microwave oven and your sponge all at once. Microwave a damp sponge on high heat to kill the bacteria hiding in all its nooks and crannies. The steamy vapors will help clean any stuck-on dirt. Then using an oven mitt, you can wipe the sides of the microwave with the sponge.

12. Tape a scented dryer sheet over an air conditioner vent to freshen up the house.

13. Keep a bit of cleaning liquid in the bottom of the toilet brush pan.

14. Wash almost everything in the dishwasher. From toys, baseball hats, shoes, hairbrushes and more.

15. Clean greasy gas burners in a sealed plastic bag with some ammonia. Pick up stove burners. Then put the stove burners in bags with some ammonia. Seal bags.

16. Run 1 part vinegar and 1 part water through a brew cycle in your coffeemaker. Then run some water through the cycle twice to make the white vinegar smell goes away.

17. Soak a non-toxic, biodegradable dryer sheet in a pan to remove baked-on food. Barely lift a finger.

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