15 Packing Tips To Save You Money

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Travelling to wonderful and strange new places can be so much fun. And you won’t break or lose anything you bring with these 15 packing tips to save you money when you set out on a new adventure. Perhaps the first key to travelling well is to think through your trip and try to anticipate the kinds of clothing you will need each day. If you can mix and match clothing so it does double or triple duty for you, you can save a lot of space, not to mention just the annoyance of having to manage all those bags. Here are some other ideas to think about when you are planning your next trip.

•Don’t just toss everything in to your suitcase. Lay out your travel goods on the bed or floor and look them over. Are there any duplicates? Do you need every single thing you see? Really? Look again.

•Some things can hold other things, like shoes stuffed with socks to save space.

•Wear layers during the flight to save room in your travel bag. You may walk on with as much clothing as you can wear. That will save you plenty of space in your bag.

•How much under clothing do you really need? You can rinse it out as you go so you don’t need fresh wear for every day of your trip. Same goes for socks or even light t-shirts.

•Think it might rain wherever you’re going? Plan trips to museums, shows, and other inside events so you don’t need to pack extra jackets.

•Share where you can. Okay, we don’t mean toothbrushes, but we do mean the toothpaste and hair shampoo. As well, many destinations now provide you with these extras in the hotel. Check and see. You may not have to pack them at all.

•Do be sure that you pack all liquids inside Ziploc bags. They may break and the bag will contain at least some of the mess and possibly all of it.

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