11 Ways You Could Be Cleaning Your Kitchen Wrong

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As always Reader’s Digest offers the best tips and tricks to keep your home clean, improve your garden and make your house a better place to live. Here we focus on 11 ways you could be cleaning your kitchen wrong and offer tips on what to do instead. Following the suggestions that Reader’s Digest puts forward here you can be sure your kitchen will always look its best.

Here are just a few things that you might have overlooked. See the Reader’s Digest website for all 11 ways you could be cleaning your kitchen wrong.

When was the last time you cleaned your reusable grocery bags? You might not thing they get dirty because they only carry the groceries, right? Not so. And precisely because they carry your fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses and other foods, small pieces of food, juices, other residuals from your groceries can find their way in to your bags and leave possibly dangerous germs behind.

At what point during your cleaning do you vacuum your floors? Do you do your floors first? Many of us do. It is tremendously satisfying to get those floors cleaned up and the difference shows—big time. But did you know how much dirt gets left behind when you do the floors first and then clean your countertops, cupboard doors and other upper surfaces? All the crumbs and food goods drop back on that newly cleaned floor and dirty it again.

We all try to do the best job possible and keep our homes clean and fresh for our families and ourselves. But there are lots of places where germs get in that we often don’t consider. For example, when did you last wash out your water filter jug? It’s just collecting water, but plenty of germs and bacteria can grow, especially in moist surfaces, when they are left undisturbed. So get out the soap and water and put it through a good hot water and soap wash. Rinse it thoroughly to be sure the soap gets completely rinsed out, and does not leave a lingering soapy flavor in your fresh water.

Your grocery bags, vacuuming the floor last, and remembering to wash that water jug are just three tips to ensure that your kitchen is really clean and germ free. For more tips and other places that you might be forgetting about in your kitchen go to the Reader’s Digest site, by following the link below.

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