10 Life Hacks to Cut Plastic Out of Your Life

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Here are 10 Life hacks for cutting the plastic from your life that you are going just to love. They are sensible and easy to incorporate. Considering the landfills are overflowing with plastic and the oceans have tons of plastic floating in them, we can make a small contribution and eliminate some of the plastic from our own home use.

1) Store Your Kitchen Produce in Towels instead of Plastic.

This is an easy one! Instead of bagging your cleaned veggies, use a dry cloth or towel to gently wrap them in. They last longer, stay crispier, and you don't need to trouble yourself with expensive ziploc bags that you likely throw away after one use.

2) How About Making Your Own Toothpaste.

This DIY toothpaste would mean you eliminate the plastic tube the toothpaste comes in plus it eliminates the plastic microbeads that are found in the extra whitening brands. It only takes a mason jar, baking soda, water, coconut oil if you like and peppermint essential oil. Sounds yummy and inexpensive!

3) You Can Use Coffee Grounds to Exfoliate.

There are so many body washes on he market, and most conventional exfoliating face and body wash also is made with plastic microbeads. These are very bad for the watershed and marine life. You can make your own exfoliant with coffee grounds mixed wtih coconut or avocado oil and when you are done these are natural products that are good for the earth.

4) Cleaning Supplies Use So Much Plastic.

Each cleaning supply comes in a fancy plastic container. To help reduce this situation and have less plastic garbage coming from your household, you can replace almost all these cleaners with white vinegar, and fresh lemon and orange peels if you want a citrus scent. Just make your own cleaner and have only one spray top bottle.

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