10 Brilliant uses for Vinegar Room by Room

Photo Credit: David Suzuki Foundation

Do you wish you could use more natural products when you clean? Here are 10 brilliant uses for vinegar room by room that can help you to reduce your use of possibly harmful chemicals and cleaning materials in your home.

David Suzuki is a well known and long time advocate of the environment. He was worked for many years promoting more environmentally friendly and sustainable approaches to our land management to ensure a healthy environment for years in to the future. He has also been honored around the world for his contributions to the environment.

The David Suzuki Foundation carries on his work to conserve the environment and create a sustainable world through scientific research, education, and social policies. They are based in Canada and work primarily with Canadians, but their work is world renowned.

Vinegar is a natural cleaning product because of its high level of acidity. Use just the cheapest white vinegar you can find at the grocery store or bulk store. If you have serious cleaning jobs, try pickling vinegar. It will likely cost more, but its acidity level is about seven percent, two percent more than standard white vinegar. Vinegar can do wonders in all parts of the home. If you do not care for its sharp scent, add an essential oil in a scent you do like—lemon, orange, or something else—and be sure to mix well each time you spray for the scent to help cover up the vinegar smell. On the other hand, the vinegar smell does dissipate quickly.

The list of uses for vinegar that the David Suzuki Foundation has compiled actually amounts to 1001 (yup, that’s 1000+ uses for vinegar) uses for vinegar around the home. One really great use is how you can clean windows of pretty much any assortment of grime and gunk with vinegar. It works really well.

A second use is in the bathroom. Anything shiny can be cleaned with vinegar to good effect. If you like, add some soap and vinegar. Your bathroom will shine.

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